Special Projects


Barret Rifles

We've had the opportunity to work with Barrett Rifles over the last several years. As an international company we've been honored and humbled to have had a special relationship with them. They've trusted us with helping them launch a few of their brands, most recently the Barrett Sovereign Shotgun line.  Here's a few of our favorites.

Herban Market

Herban came to us in a roundabout way, we've been working with a publication promoting local businesses and they purchased some ad space. They're a unique all organic micro grocer and the goal of the photography was to show the range of offerings they have. Here are a few of the more sucessful images.

Singer Sewing Co.

Or "SVP" as they are affectionately known around the studio has been one of our longest standing clients. We've done everything from packaging, social advertisements, and education. Here's a few shots to give you the flavor.


Our friends Ron and Amy run a small empire of bespoke belts. Now they make a lot more than belts but that's what we've focused on over the past several years. Incredible hand crafted belts from exotic leathers, they're as beutiful in person and so much fun to shoot.